Light Up Numbers Hire

Light Up Numbers For Every Occasion!

When you host an event, you want it to be special and stand out from every other celebration. That’s why you should consider Light Up Numbers Hire.

Our range of beautiful, white light up numbers & rustic light up numbers will turn any venue into a bright, unique space that you and your guests will adore.

Each number is 4 feet high, so they stand out and make the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos. The white LED bulbs are bold and bright, as well as being cool to the touch.  Or for a more vintage look select our rustic light up numbers with warm white LED bulbs.

Light Up Number Hire

White Light Up Numbers

Rustic Light Up Number Hire

Rustic Light Up Numbers


Our light up numbers are completely safe (fully tested and insured), ensuring everyone’s safety around our stunning illuminated rustic light up numbers.

When you hire your illuminated numbers from us, you also get the benefit of our expertise. Our team will install your numbers and show you how to work them, so they look perfect before your event.

Before your event, we check all of our light up numbers & rustic light up numbers, so that you get perfect products that will look beautiful and enhance your event. Our team will thoroughly check and clean every item before and after each hire ensuring everything is in working order.

Once your event is over, and everyone’s gone home, we will return and collect your light up numbers so that you don’t have to lift a finger!

Our complete service is what sets Light Up Numbers & Rustic Light UP Numbers Hire apart from other providers of these popular products. We work tirelessly to ensure that every customer is delighted and that our illuminated numbers meet their expectations, however high.

Light Up Numbers Hire

Packages To Suit Your Needs

At Light Up Numbers Hire, we know that no two hosts, or events, are the same. That’s why we offer bespoke services to clients across the Yorkshire and Manchester areas.

If you reach out to us, then we can hire out any selection of numbers. We have gorgeous white illuminated numbers from 1-9, & rustic light up numbers from 1-9 so you can create any combination.

We also offer Birthday Packages, allowing you to get all the items you need at one handy price! So, if you’re planning a special birthday celebration, you should check out our packages to find the one that suits your event.

As well as our birthday packages, Light Up Numbers Hire also offers other services.

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